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Quantum Q-Shock II Kills bacteria 73% available chlorine

  • Quantum® Q-Shock II

    Quantum® Q-Shock II Super Pool Shock powerful 73% available chlorine shock that will quickly eradicate algae, bacteria and other harmful contaminants from your pool. 

    Useful Tips

    • Kills bacteria, destroys organic contaminants and controls algae
    • Compatible with chlorine
    • Quick-dissolving
    • Minimum 73% available chlorine
      • Our strongest shock! Adds muscle to chlorine.
      • Active ingredient: 73% calcium hypochlorite (70% available chlorine).
      • Effectively kills bacteria. Stops algae in its track.
      • Fast dissolving - fast results!
      • Destroys organic contaminants.
      • Dosage: 1 lb/10,000 gal.