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Quantum Q-Blast (CAL HYPO) Chlorine Pool Shock


Quantum Biochemical® Q-Blast

Made in the USA

Most popular pool Shock !!

Quantum™ Q-Blast Shock
68% Calcium Hypochlorite

Quantum™ Q-Blast granular is specially formulated for super chlorination shock oxidizer treatments. It is quick-dissolving and contains a minimum of 65% available chlorine.

  • best selling shock! Clears the most contaminated pools.
  • Active ingredient: 68% calcium hypochlorite (65% available chlorine).
  • Dissolves quickly for fast-acting pool sanitizing. Ideal for a fast chlorine boost to keep pool water clear.
  • Kills algae, bacteria and other harmful contaminants.
  • Dosage: 1 lb/10,000 gal.
  • Oxidizes water
  • No unnecessary fillers
  • Convenient 1 lb Bag or 25 lb bucket 
  • Economical shock treatment
  • Kills Algae
  • Restores sparkle and clarity to dull water by killing microscopic cloud causing particles.

Useful Tips:

  • Use as part of your weekly maintenance program 
  • Dose is 1 lb. of Q-Blast per 10,000 gallons of pool water