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Pool Frog In-Ground Cycler 5400 Series with Mineral Reservoir - Inline

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This sale is for the main 5400 Frog system and one mineral pac. The chlorine bac packs are not included and must be sold separately


  • The Pool Frog Cycler serves as a water treatment center and the Mineral Reservoir will make your water feel incredibly soft.

    Welcome to easier pool care courtesy of Pool Frog. With Pool Frog, your pool water will look and feel better without a lot of work or a lot of chlorine. This system controls bacteria using a combination of minerals and reduced chlorine levels up to 50% compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.

    There are 4 parts to the Pool Frog System:

    Part 1
    Pool Frog Cycler - The Pool Frog Cycler serves as a "water treatment center" and controls the flow of water through all Frog components. For inground pools up to 40,000 gallons.

    Part 2
    Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir - Holds the minerals and fits inside the Pool Frog Cycler. Must be replaced every six months or after one pool season whichever is shorter.

    Part 3
    Frog Bam - Use with the Pool Frog System for Algae Protection (sold separately)

    Part 4
    Pool Frog Bac Pac - Pre-filled with chlorine tablets and fits inside the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir (sold separately)

Alternative Sanitizers Mineral Systems
Manufacturer King Technology
Manufacturer Part # 01-01-5480
Pool Type In Ground
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Features
  • Includes: Pool Frog Cycler 5400, Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir Series 5400, 2" male adapters, instruction manual and video
  • Less monitoring with easy-to-use replacements
  • 50% less chlorine or bromine use
  • Suits that don't fade and far less odors
  • No touch, no mess prefilled pacs and cartridges
  • Precise adjustability
  • Soft water with crystal clear shine