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Natural Chemistry CYA Reducer Kit


CYA Removal Kit

Two-part system for reducing excessive levels of cyanuric acid in swimming pools

CYA Removal Kit efficiently removes cyanuric acid from pool water. This revolutionary two-part system works without the need to drain or dilute water from a pool.

CYA Removal Kit takes cyanuric acid (also known as CYA, stabilizer or conditioner) out of pool water. Prolonged use of stabilized chlorine can cause CYA levels to build up over time. CYA Removal Kit reduces high levels of cyanuric acid to help you achieve the ideal range for a swimming pool of 30-50ppm.

  • Step 1 is an easy way to neutralize chlorine and bring levels within optimum range for CYA removal process
  • Step 2 easily removes CYA with bioactive organic compounds