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JUMBO Playing Cards 8" x 11"



JUMBO Playing Cards for Kids, Teens or Seniors Large Print Full Deck of Cards
  • FUN AND FUNNY – These huge, giant, Jumbo, GIGANTIC playing cards are a novelty and so much fun to have or funny to give as a prize or gift! They contain a full deck of 52 cards + jokers with standard print and each set can be used for real card games, decorations, or with other games.
  • HEAVY DUTY - Made on heavy card stock and coated on both sides, not only are these unique but they are cool playing cards and can be used as any playing card for games!
  • FOR ALL AGES – Our GIANT playing cards can be cards for children, cards for teens, or for seniors. Use them for math aids, poker games, birthday or party décor, or even to make a Halloween costume!!!
  • FAMILY OR SOCIAL EVENTS – Gather the family for a JUMBO card game or invite the neighbors for a casino night! No matter how you use these cards, fun is sure to follow!