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Running Workout Leg Calf Compression Sleeves For Men & Women 2 Piece

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Color: Red

2 Piece Calf Compression Sleeves For Men & Women 

Leg And Shin Compression Sleeves for

  • Runners

  • Cyclist

  • Shin Splint

  • Blood Circulation

  • Recovery Aid

Feature: 1. Professional Grade Material: These leg compression sleeves are made of premium quality, breathable & anti-odor compression fabric - Polyester 85% and Spandex 15%. The Spandex has superior compression characteristics for maintaining firm pressure on the calves. The Polyester allows air to circulate to the skin, while at the same time allowing moisture to wick out. 2. Pain Relief and Increase Recovery: If you have ever suffered from Shin Splints, you know the discomfort pain they can bring. Calf compression sleeves have graduated compression that reduces muscle vibration, which in turn reduces muscle fatigue and soreness, also it can be used as a recovery sleeve, Enhance blood circulation helps oxygen starved muscles recover much faster than normal. 3. Increase Performance: Warm up your leg pre-exercise, it's known that a warm muscle is less likely to be injured, faster blood circulatioin and extra support that our leg compression socks provides will enhance your athletic activities. 4. Suitable for All Sports: These shin splint compression sleeves aid in mitigating shin splints, preventing calf cramps, protects legs from minor scratches & knocks. A must have for sports activities that involve a great amount of stress on the calf like: Marathon, Walking, Jogging, Running, Hiking, Gym Fitness Training, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting and more. 5. So comfortable you will not even know you are wearing them. Tcare is own durable and fashionable Spandex calf sleeves are reflective for nighttime activities. Main benefits: -Decreasing Pressure Protection Perspiration Breathable -Enhance Muscle Endurance -Prevent Calf Thickening -Auxiliary Muscle Force -Boosts circulation and helps you recover faster -Protects from minor or rock scratches, knocks No matter if you are a runner, nurse, are pregnant, or just experience occasional leg pain, our leg compression socks is just what you need! Our calf compression sleeves provide stronger compressibility, which improves circulation, reduces the muscle vibrations that frequently cause sore muscles or Varicose Veins. It also give you more energy for greater endurance and enhanced performance for walking, running, hiking, cycling or ball games.

Size Chart: M - Top Width: 26-32cm / 10.2-12.6inch; Bottom Width: 16-19cm / 6.3-7.5inch; Length: 29cm / 11.4inch. L - Top Width: 28-34cm / 11-13.4inch; Bottom Width: 18-21cm / 7.-8.3inch; Length:30cm / 11.8inch. XL - Top Width: 30-39cm / 11.8-15.3inch; Bottom Width: 20-23cm / 8.2-9inch; Length:31cm / 12.2inch.