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Aquabrite® Dy-Chlor II Granular Quick Dissolving Chlorine Pool Shock Dichlor


Aquabrite® Dy-Chlor II Granular Shock Quick Dissolving Chlorine Pool Shock is perfect for Liner / Fiberglass pools and a cost efficient shock treatment. It is fully soluble, requires no pre-dissolving

Effective Shock and Awe

A swimming pool shock treatment that will kill even the most stubborn traces of bacteria and restore sparkle and clarity to dull water, as well as ridding the water of any ineffective chlorine residue. 99% dichlor, 56% available chlorine, granular STABILIZED chlorine, quick dissolving, no residue, pH neutral. 


  • Stabilized pool shock designed for use in pools and spas
  • Place 1 lb. of shock per 10,000 gallons directly into the water
  • Quick-dissolving formula rids your pool of contaminants
  • Great For Salt And Liquid Chlorine Based Pools
  • Fast-Dissolving Formula Destroys Bacteria Quickly
  • 99% Active Ingredients With 56% Available Chlorine
  • Calcium-Free - NO CLOUDING - NO RESIDUE!
  • Dosage: 1 lb. per 10,000 Gallons